The line includes elements for the table such as serving and dessert dishes, coffee cups, tea cups and mugs. Pinch bowls, bowls and vases are also provided, all coordinated.

Geometric and essential lines. Neutral colors such as white, beige and brown. At the base of the line there is a beige dotted stoneware. In each piece, the basic stoneware appears as an essential part of both sight and touch. The glossy white glaze covers most of the piece while still showing the pitting of the base.

Each piece is created on potter’s wheel and the pieces are not exactly the same as each other, but there are some slight differences that make the piece even more particular and precious.

The material used is a speckled stoneware which must be brought to a temperature above 1200 degrees centigrade. Above 1200 ° C the material vitrifies and makes the object practically waterproof as well as resistant.

The size of the serving dishes can vary from a maximum of 27 cm in diameter to a minimum variable according to requirements. In coordination it is also possible to make glasses, coasters, cups, bowls, bowls for ramen …