All our creations are handmade with care and passion. We want every piece to be worth of our brand. Before and behind every piece there are failed attempts, unsuccessful experiments, and time spent on improvement. Pottery cannot be hurried: shaping, firing and resting times are long and needed for a perfect product. The kiln firing changes raw materials into pottery and glazes, but the final result is always a surprise, not to be taken as granted.

Tea cups

Cups for tea or coffee handmade in gres. This particular clay makes them perfect for keeping your drink hot longer. The materials used are strong and the high-temperature firing makes them safe for food, dishwasher and microwave. After shaping them on the potter’s wheel they are fired at 950°C, then glazes are applied and a second firing up to  1200°C gives you this lovely items.

Coffee cups

Small cups for your espresso. Made in gres and shaped on the potter’s wheel. Every cup went through two firing: one at  950°C and the second at 1200°C. This process makes them strong and safe for food, and for the dishwasher as well.
As with any of our products, each single cup is unique.

tazzina da caffè in gres

Hearts in a box

Framed hearts made in high-quality ceramics. Each single heart is handmade and this makes every composition unique, with different patterns and shapes. Hearts are red or blue, and the frame can be white or black, with a square size of 23×23 cm.